• Enjoy the wonderful taste of our Orangey Orains Gin, as we release very small batch of our limited edition gin.  Orangey Orains Gin 50cl (very limited edition) – our brand new, exclusive gin is handmade in small batches. Our super orangey, refreshing summer gin brings a deliciously citrus tingle to your tongue and pairs brilliantly with a slightly sweet tonic and slice of orange and thyme (or even cardamom). We really do think it's the most delicious drink you could ask for on a warm sunny day. And in case you’re wondering, Orains is Gaelic for orange! not a liqueur, but a true gin at 42% abv.  
  • Enjoy the wonderful taste of our Raspberry ♥ Gin, as we release a small batch of our limited edition gin.  Raspberry ♥ Gin 50cl (very limited edition) – made in tiny batches with Badachro Gin and Highland raspberries. With a deep red colour and clear raspberry nose, this 40% abv gin is a true Raspberry Gin, not a sweet liqueur. In the mouth, raspberry dominates and then gives way to the complexity of juniper & myrtle. Ideal on ice, with tonic or even a little lemonade. A very special gin for that very special person in your life.
  • With botanicals foraged around the coast of Gairloch and Badachro, our Coastal Gin is distilled in Badachro in true artisan style. Juniper, fennel and wild thyme are combined with two local seaweeds to produce a stunningly bright, fresh gin, packed with up-front flavour and unmistakably authentic & unique flavour. A representation of the North West Highland’s stunningly beautiful coast.
  • Badachro Gin 50cl

    Distilled in Badachro, in the north west Highlands of Scotland, Badachro Gin 50cl is a reflection of the pure air, water & land that defines this unique and ancient land. Marrying traditional botanicals with local gorse blossom, elderflower & wild bog myrtle, the delicious taste of the last true wilderness of Europe is now bottled for you to enjoy.

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