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Our new member of staff

by | Apr 11, 2020 | News from Badachro Distillery


There has not been much to cheer about recently, but we are delighted to be joined by a new member of our family.

Otis is a Longhaired Weimaraner, who is bringing much happiness and distraction during these difficult times. He’s such a beautiful puppy and is causing a stir at Badachro Distillery and Aird Hill.


Otis is too young to enjoy a Badachro Gin, but loves the company of Vanessa, Ashley, Gordon & Sean (family Quinn) and the big garden where he is getting to know Ellis & Timo the black labs and Izzie the cat (a surprising fan), but he hasn’t been introduced to the hens yet!

Otis the puppy is becoming a bit of an internet sensation. We experienced a surge in visitor numbers to the website over the past few days, and discovered that Otis has been making quite an impression on Facebook and Instagram!

So, we’ll keep those interested up to date with how he’s growing up and can’t wait until he’s had all his jabs and can come up onto the hillside wilderness with us once it’s safe to do so (where social isolation is guaranteed).

Eventually, he’ll meet all his new Badachro human and dog pals and that’ll be him fully introduced to Badachro life.

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  1. Carri

    Otis …wow .. he is simply gorgeous!


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