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From Badachro to Bermuda

by | Jun 15, 2021 | News from Badachro Distillery

gorse bloom

Badachro or Bermuda?
On a good day it is hard to tell the difference. However in this case it is the beautiful Gairloch at sunset.

Our gin goes global

We were approached in early 2020 about the possibility of us producing a gin made from Bermudan botanicals for sale in Bermuda.

Following lots of research into the plant life on that lovely island, we identified some potential key botanicals and started distilling, tasting and experimenting with hibiscus, vanilla, sargassum seaweed, papaya,  sweet basil and more traditional gin botanicals, and developed a few recipe routes for consideration.

The development process continued and once the recipe had been fine tuned and settled on, we upscaled the distillation for distillation in our larger still and produced the first batch of 960 bottles which sailed for Bermuda in November.

These are strange times and travel restrictions led to lower sales for the first few months, but since the airways and harbours have started to open up, sales have rocketed and another 2000 bottles have been ordered for despatch asap.

The international supply constraint of bottles caused by a combination of Brexit and covid was a serious challenge, but we have risen to the occasion, and exports to that paradise island continue to grow.

Next time you are holidaying in Bermuda, make sure you look out for our Paget Gin. In the meantime check out some of the fine gins here in our online shop.

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