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The Bad na h-Achlaise

Single Malt Whisky Releases

The Bad na h-Achlaise collection is the result of having vatted two very carefully selected casks from a Highland distillery, to produce this lightly peated dram which has been finished in Tuscan red wine casks prior to bottling.

Release nameDate of ReleaseNumber of Bottles
Tuscan Oak Cask 18/40August 5th, 2020789
Tuscan Oak Cask 18/40 Cask strengthSeptember 12th, 202029
Tuscan Oak Cask 15/26September 8th, 2020723
Tuscan Oak Cask 15/26 Cask StrengthOctober 27th, 202029
Tuscan Oak Cask 12/27October 31st, 2020788
Tuscan Oak Cask 12/27 Cask StrengthDecember 202030
Tuscan Oak Cask Single Cask 28/01 at Cask StrengthJanuary 20218

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