Our Gin Distillery is a must visit on your North Coast 500 tour

We could hear Geoff on his vintage motorbike long before we saw him. Across Badachro Bay the distinctive phut-phut of a classic Norton 500 announced his arrival, with sounds and smells redolent of a bygone age of touring the remote and most beautiful corners of our island.

Many of the visitors we get in the Scottish Highlands seem to be more than holidaymakers. They are adventurers making memories and soaking up experiences they will treasure for the rest of their lives, whether they arrive by car, on foot, bicycle or boat. We love being part of the NC500 experience.

As you can imagine, not much changes in the hamlet of Badachro, but the North Coast 500 has brought a diversity and richness to our visitors, who stay with us at our B&B or our self-catering cottage, and the many who join the Distillery Experience, where they can get up-close and personal with our life and work making our rare Badachro Gin.

Geoff was one of those, with his great smile and infectious laugh. Yes, he did have a magnificent beard and a twinkle in his eye. Badachro Distillery was a pin on his North Coast 500 map, and he was here to find new adventures, new people and most of all, to have fun.

We like to think he did all that, as he sped off just as exuberantly and noisily as he had arrived, with a few bottles of our rare gins in his backpack clinking above the murmur of the engine.

He laughed and joked for the whole stay in Badachro, and when he left we could still hear his laughter in the breeze.

What were the highlights of his visit to Badachro, we asked? Well, apart from the gin distillery, the pristine beach at nearby Red Point had already earned a ‘must return’ entry in his journal and the food and atmosphere in the famous Badachro Inn had been truly special.

Today we count Geoff as one of the many friends we have made, who have stayed with us and discovered our Highland gins… and we hope he will come back to visit us again soon. We will of course hear him long before we see him!


Image by Emma Gibb