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Badachro Distillery turns its hands to sanitiser

by | Mar 30, 2020 | News from Badachro Distillery

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These are strange days indeed, and we never, ever expected to be producing hand sanitiser, but after a rush of desperate calls from local health centres and care homes we knew we had some the ingredients and equipment to make it.

We also knew that it would not be the most efficient or cost-effective way to produce this essential product, but with our carers and NHS crying out for help and unable to source hand sanitiser we, quickly made the switch to sanitiser production.


Gordon Quinn said; “With the situation in the Highlands of Scotland getting more concerning every day, and with no prospect of hand sanitiser being available from traditional sources, we knew we needed to meet the demand head on and quickly.”

“We moved as quickly as we could to make our hand sanitiser available to all those who were in need, and now have added the product to our online shop so others will be able to better protect their medical professionals, carers, staff, patients, family & loved ones.”

“To our regular gin customers, we say it’s business as usual. We have plenty of stock and you can continue to order your favourite gin online.”

We received this lovely message;

“A Big Thank You to The Team at Badachro distillery. Managed to send hand sanitiser to my son working with Sense Scotland at the moment. Many thanks for helping to take care of the Scottish workers.”
Barbara Fieschi

For those struggling to find hand sanitiser, you can buy directly from our website.

There is now no postage charge with orders of our 1ltr and 5ltr Hand Sanitisers (UK only).

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