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As nature bursts into life…

by | Apr 28, 2020 | News from Badachro Distillery

gorse bloom

One of the wonderful and unexpected consequences of harvesting the ingredients for our gins; directly from the wild, here in our local area of Badachro and Gairloch, is that we feel so much more in tune with the changes in seasons and the power of nature.

It is almost in defiance of the crisis we find ourselves in, that mother nature awakes with Spring as the wildlife and flora around us has burst into life, bringing hope and abundance.


In our daily exercise / harvesting walks we find gorse blooming, ready for us to harvest, wild myrtle budding and about to burst into leaf, with our local birds and wild animals in a frenzy of activity, oblivious to our worries and fears for our loved ones.

The last few months have been hectic as we responded to the cries for help from our local health centres and care homes to quickly turn to making hand sanitiser. Appeals soon started coming in from all over the UK. This was a massive challenge, and has been quite humbling, and inspiring to be in conversation with the nurses and care staff doing everything possible to protect those in their care and those providing essential services on the frontline.

With the help of some wonderful suppliers and collaborators we managed to get together all the ingredients we needed to produce hand sanitiser to the highest standards, and hope that in some small way to have contributed to the safety of our community in the Scottish Highlands and further afield.

As we head out to harvest gorse blossom on a beautiful sunny spring morning, it is takes us back into the calming routine of our distillery life, and we are ever more connected to nature’s rhythm and grateful for its gifts.

Harbour seal at Badachro

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